“I’ve worked with many recruiters but it’s not often I’m willing to recommend them thus Matt is one of few exceptions. I’ve been using his services for more than four years during which his efforts have consistently been outstanding. He’s among a minority in his ability to gain a deep understanding not only of our business problems and objectives (vital when identifying people on our behalf) but also the highly idiosyncratic and organisation specific considerations we have when identifying and hiring talent. He ticks every one of the “attributes” box though linked-in only allows me to select three.” Partner, Hedge Fund, London

“Matt is a results oriented recruiter. He works hard for his clients to insure they are a good fit and mesh well with the new environment” Partner, Prop Firm.  Chicago

“Matt is a leading innovator in the recruiting industry. His Charity Referral Program demonstrates a strong personal commitment towards strengthening communities and directing support to those in need. I would hope this program could serve as a template for adoption by more organizations.” Partner, Prop Firm

“Matt worked to place me. He was very professional and efficient and ensured that the process was very smooth. Also, he has great personality that I feel he is more like a friend to me than a recruiter simply doe his job to place me to a new firm.”  Quant Trader, Hedge Fund, New York. 

“I’ve worked with a handful of recruiters so far during my career. I must say Matt is by far the most efficient, detail oriented and reliable recruiter I have met. I warmly recommend Matt as a person to get in touch with for career opportunities” Software Developer, Hedge Fund, New York

“I’ve worked with Matt twice now and was placed at my current position by him. Throughout the entire process he was available and willing to discuss any issues or concerns I had. He took a definite interest in what I was looking for to find a position that would be good fit without any pressure. He also has a lot of knowledge about the industry in general which was useful at multiple stages in the process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new position” Quantitative Analyst, Hedge Fund, Chicago

Matt is a great recruiter. He works with top companies in the industry and is a great person to work with. He offered me great opportunites, followed up on all my concerns and never put any pressure on me along the way. I would happily use Matt’s services again, too bad he found me a great job I am not going to change any time soon.”  Senior Developer, Prop Firm, Chicago.

“Matt placed me with my current employer. He was a pleasure to work with.”  CTO, Hedge Fund, New York

“Matt is a trustworthy and hard working recruiter. He is accommodating, easy to work with. He has the connections to provide many options, but most importantly he will find the right one.“ Quant Trader,  Hedge Fund, New York

“Matt has done a great job recruiting for us! I can’t recommend him highly enough! He has provided great service and found us some amazing candidates.” Recruiter, Hedge Fund; New York

“Matt’s honesty and objectivity really came through when he advised me on accepting my offer. He gave me a strong impression that he recruits with candidate’s best interests at heart.” Quantitative Analyst, Hedge Fund

“I really enjoyed working with Matt. Being new to the finance industry, I relied on him heavily for his knowledge and his advice. I always felt I could count on him to be available and he was able to get me in some interesting doors, sometimes on very tight timelines.”  Financial Engineer, Investment Bank, New York

“Matt assisted with my recent job search. He’s very knowledgeable about the financial industry and was committed to helping me find the right position.” June 13, 2006 Quantitative Analyst, Hedge Fund; New York

“Matt hooked my up with my last job and has been very helpful to some of my colleagues as well. He is well connected and makes it happen !”  - Quantitative Analyst, Hedge Fund, Philadelphia

“Matt makes it his business to not only stay on top of market trends in the quantitative and IT worlds, but also understands the bigger picture of how each role fits into an organization.”  Recruiter, Hedge Fund; Chicago

“I have often called on Matt for help with hiring great trading and quantitative talent as well as for managing my own career. From my perspective as a candidate, he was an asset from the interview process through several promotions. As a hiring manager, he has consistently sent me strong candidates and kept me abreast of what is going on in the marketplace.” Senior Quant, Prop Firm, Chicago.

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